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NEW: Our Special Monthly Maintenance Plan

Monthly Services

  • Four (4) Hand-Crafted Car Washes Monthly – Hand wash of entire body, wheels and dress tires and clean exterior glass and vacuum floor boards.
  • One (1) Express Detail Monthly – Hand Crafted Car Wash Package + Application of Premium Wax to exterior surfaces and shampoo floor mats

Awesome Additional Perks

  • Dedicated Appointment Time (No Waiting!)

Custom Detailing Services

Premium Interior Detail

  • Remove All Loose Items

    • We'll set aside any personal items and throw away any items that are clearly trash.

  • Thorough Vacuum

    • All Interior parts of the vehicle (including the trunk) will be thoroughly vacuumed with a combination of tools.

  • Shampoo and Steam Clean Seats, Carpets, & Floor Mats

    • Using our custom-made fabric cleaner all fabric materials will be agitated, steamed, and extracted to remove any unwanted stains or spills.

  • Deep Clean and Detail of Leather/Plastic Surfaces

    • During this process, we will be using our brushes, microfiber towels, and steamer to deep clean the leather and plastic surfaces of your interior (Dashboard, Door Jams, Door Panel, Seats, etc...)

  • Clean Windows & Mirrors

    • All Interior windows and mirrors will be streak-free (windshield, visors, sunroof, rear window, etc...).

  • Inspection

    • We will walk through the vehicle to make any last-minute touch-ups before returning the vehicle to you.

Small: $150

Medium: $200

Large: $250

Express Interior Detail

  • Thorough Vacuuming throughout the entire vehicle (carpets, mats, seats, trunk, etc…).

  • A wipe down of light dust and debris on all interior surfaces (dash, door panels, etc…).

  • Plastics protected from UV-Rays.

  • Streak-free glass.

  • Upon request, we will use a Fragrance.

Small: $60

Medium: $80

Large: $100

Premium Car Wash

  • Clean wheels, tires, and gas cap.

  • Remove bugs and bird droppings.

  • Pre-Wash to remove any lose dirt and grim from vehicles paint.

  • Wash vehicle with quality products, mitts, and towels.

  • Apply Spray-Wax to add an extra level of protection and gloss (lasts a couple of weeks).

  • Vehicle dried with soft microfiber towels

  • Clean exterior windows and mirrors (Rain-X applied to windshield and rear window).

  • Add dressing to tire for a clean and even shine.

Small: $75

Medium: $100

Large: $120

Wash And Wax

  • Clean wheels, tires, and hard to get areas with brushes.

  • Remove bugs and bird droppings.

  • Pre-Wash to remove any lose dirt and grim from vehicles paint.

  • Thoroughly hand wash the vehicle, including door jams and gas caps.

  • Clay bar paint to remove any hard to get dirt and debris (Your paint will feel smooth after this step).

  • Apply wax/sealant to paint either by hand or with a machine polisher (this step adds the shine and protection).

  • Add dressing to tire for a clean and even shine.

  • Clean exterior windows and mirrors.

Small: $100

Medium: $130

Large: $170

Headlight Restoration

  • Sanding headlights with 600 grit

    • The first step is to start and remove oxidation.

  • Sanding headlight with 1,000 grit

    • As the grit gets finer and finer we remove less oxidation but start to smooth out the sanding marks.

  • Sanding headlights with 1,500 grit

    • As we continue the sand the clarity of the headlight start to improve.

  • Sanding headlight with 2,000 grit

  • Sanding with 2,500 grit

    • This is the final sanding step.

  • Compound the headlight

    • During this step, we machine polish the headlight with a cutting pad and compound to remove the last bit of sanding marks.

  • Polish the headlight

    • We use a finishing polish and pad to bring out the most clearly in the headlight before on final step.

  • Protect the headlight

    • In the last step, we add a 1-year ceramic coating to the headlight to provide durable protection.


Engine Bay Detail

  • 1. Inspection

    • During this step, we inspect the engine bay and look for any areas we need to pay extra attention to.

  • Cover up sensitive areas

    • Depending on the model of the vehicle there could be air intakes, batteries, or other components that need to be covered.

  • Steam clean

    • Steam will be used to loosen up any dirt and grim in hard-to-reach corners.

  • Spray and agitate

    • This is where the cleaning happens, cleaners will be applied and brushes used to remove and loosen up any dirt.

  • Rinse and blow dry

    • During this stage, we will do a light rinse to remove the last bit of dirt and to wash away debris.

  • Engine dressing

    • The last step is to touch up any last-minute fixes and add the dressing to plastic to make it shine.